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First Baptist Church Denbigh
Cornerstone Church - a heart for God and the Community
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Mission Inreach

Our purpose is to provide extended pastoral service and help each member feel a part of the family of God.

Chairperson: Antonio Grace
Vice-Chairperson: Humphrey Kem-Bumbala 
Vice-Chairperson: Claudia Kem-Bumbala

Audio & Video Ministry
Our purpose is to provide a memory of the events of the ministries of FBCD by audio or visual. Audio is responsible for any sound for the event (microphone, music, Power Point, or cassette). Video is responsible for recording the event on DVD of any approved program.

Chairperson: Chris Harris Jr.


Our purpose is to promote Christian growth among married couples according to biblical truths, to promote spiritual growth by interacting with other ministries, to address concerns involving married couples, to implement programs to enhance and apply the biblical truths, to promote attendance of married couples at functions professional and educational programs inside and outside of the church, and to provide cohesiveness within the church body.

Chairperson: Tommie Canty
Chairperson: Ann Canty 
Vice-Chairperson: Henry Nixon
Vice-Chairperson: Delora Nixon

Recreation/Family Life Center

Our purpose is to coordinate, oversee, and conduct spiritual and recreational activities for First Baptist Church Denbigh and the community at large for individual and family enrichment and growth.

Chairperson: Shirley McCollough
Vice-Chairperson: Sue Whitherspoon


Our purpose is to manage the funds of First Baptist Church Denbigh by receipting and disbursing according to guidelines, to prepare and submit an annual budget, and to present quarterly reports to the church at large at scheduled worship services to discuss business of importance.

Chairperson: Yolanda George
Vice-Chairperson: Vestere Craddock
Financial Secretary: Rose Sims 
Treasurer: Debbie Cromartie


Fine Arts~Praise Dance/Mime

Chairperson: Maxine Wright
Vice-Chairperson: Mia Dillingham

Food Service

Our purpose is to prepare meals for various ministry programs and for bereaved families of deceased members. We also serve as host and hostesses for repasses, and church programs that are serving refreshments or meals while providing an atmosphere for relaxed Christian fellowship.

Chairperson: Viola Valentine 
Russell Cromartie


Our purpose is to greet people entering the church with a smile and words of encouragement.

Chairperson: Violet Taylor
Vice-Chairperson: Marvin Taylor


Our purpose is to educate and provide pertinent information concerning our health and to incorporate the health issues with our spiritual needs.



Our purpose is to plan, organize, and oversee all activities for the annual homecoming celebration.

Chairperson: Elmer Woodard
Vice-Chairperson: Nakia Lumar
Vice-Chairperson: LaShon Williams 


Mary J. Tillerson Senior Citizens - (Suggested Age 62+)

Our purpose is to increase fellowship among the senior population in our church, to provide spiritual nurturing, and to foster an awareness and understanding of social issues affecting their lives.

Chairperson: Yvonne Cowles
Vice-Chairperson: Albert Ware
Vice-Chairperson: James Wynn

Men's Ministry

Our purpose is to plan and organize the annual Men's Day program, to educate the church family male membership on various causes to benefit men spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Chairperson: Allen Wesley
Vice-Chairperson: Timothy Fosque
Vice-Chairperson: David Smith

Our purpose is to assist with parking and make sure the parking lot is a safe place to park. We also instill parking rules and regulations.

Chairperson: Larry Coleman
Vice-Chairperson: Lorenzo Arline
Vice-Chairperson: Morris Cogdell
Vice-Chairperson: Allen Wesley

Pastor's Aid
Our purpose is to show willingness to help anyone when needed and to aid the Pastor in all of his endeavors.


Pastor's Anniversary
Our purpose is to plan and organize special activities to commemorate the pastor's years of service to the church.


Our purpose is to teach, equip, and empower the saints of God that they may be able to intercede in prayer on behalf of the church and its membership.

Assigned Ministry Leaders 

Technology Ministry
The purpose of the Technology Ministry is to evangelize the word of the Lord our God, through the development, design and maintenance of First Baptist Church Denbigh’s website and webmail utilizing the latest information technology.

Chairperson: Eric Scott

Our purpose is to care for the seating and comfort of the congregation, to greet visitors, and to prevent interruptions and distractions at worship services and special occasions.

Chairperson:Leroy Fuller 

Women's Ministry
Our Women's Ministry exists to serve and minister to all women by enriching and equipping women to share the joy of completeness in Christ.  As sisters in one body, our mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended her to be.  This specialized ministry will recognize the unique way God made women through studying the Word of God, providing worship experiences, fellowship, prayer, nurturing, and evangelism."

Chairperson: Hattie Harris

Our purpose is to minister to the bereaved families of FBCD and oversee the orchestration of weddings performed at the church. Also, we are responsible for the spiritual enhancement of the sanctuary.

Chairperson: Iris Ackles
Chairperson: Lawrence Ackles

Young Adult
Our purpose is to emphasize Christian growth as young adult saints by addressing general and specific concerns identifying with biblical characters, and providing opportunities for growth through speakers, literature, workshops, seminars, and/or conventions for young adults.

Chairperson: Jaymorle Ingram


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